A few days before the dinner I come and see you at your home. We discuss what you want: a more or less formal meal, sophisticated food with luxury ingredients (truffles, lobster, foie-gras), or maybe something simpler but just as good. You may prefer that we fix the menu at that moment, or perhaps you would want to leave me more freedom to take advantage of anything special that I may find when I go to the market.

For a proper gastronomic dinner, with nibbles, starter, main dish and desert for 6 people the price is around 60-70€ per person. As the number of guests increases the cost per person decreases.
I am always happy do to something simpler (a pot au feu, or a roast for example) at a lesser cost.

Here are some examples of possible meals, with their price:

Chef Angus Birthday dinner for an 18 year old, 20 guests
(Caramelised cauliflower soup with Foie-Gras, Scallops on a bed of leek, Feather Blade steak confit with Madiran wine, Three layer chocolate cake)
50€ per person.

Chef Angus Buffet for a wine club, 30 people
20€ per person.

Chef Angus Sixtieth birthday dinner, 16 guests
(Caramelised cauliflower soup with Foie-Gras, Scalop and lobster salad with truffles, Beef Wellington, Gordon Ramsey's Chocolate Mousse)
70€ per person.
(The price is relatively high for 16 people, because the menu included luxury products like lobster, truffles and Angus filet steak)

Chef Angus Gastronomic dinner for 8 people
(Gougères, little toasts of aubergine caviar, Fresh Goat cheese ramekin with dried tomato sauce, Petrius asparagus in puff pastries, Filet of porc with morille mushrooms, Brittany biscuit with red fruit)
70€ per person.

Chef Angus Picnic for a club of Nordic walkers, 30 people
(Dips: Caviar d'Aubergine, Taramosalata, Houmous; Chicken liver paté; Artichokes à la Grecque; Pike; Guinea Fowl; Strawberry tart)
15€ per person.

Chef Angus Baptism Lunch, 16 people
(Tomato tartlette, Rack of lamb on a confit shoulder of lamb, Brittany biscuit with red fruit)
50€ per person.

Chef Angus Gastronomic Dinner, 8 people
(Lobster Cappuccino, Mussel and girolle cassolette, Filet of Bream , Chartreuse de légumes, Mesclun salad, Caremelised Abricot Tartelette)
65€ per person.
For the main dish the customer wanted fish, but something simple, no fancy sauces. So I went to the market at pontose, where there is a fishmonger who frives up from Grnville overnight. I bought some bream which had been fished just two days earlier. I served them with a sauce made from extremely good olive oil, lemon juice and basil.

Chef Angus Gastronomic Dinner, 8 people
(Langoustine Cappuccino, Roast Turbot with red peppers, Pork tenderloin on artichoke heart, Caremelised Abricot Tartlet)
50€ per person.
The customer called me just two days before his wife's birthday. No time to visit him and discuss what he wanted. I sent him a menu. He likes it, expect for the starters - asparagus pastries. He did not like asparagus. I told him I would call him from the market the next day. At the market I found a fresh turbot at a reasonable price. I called the customer, and then I bought the turbot. I served it roasted, with the same olive oil sauce which had been particularly appreciated by my previous customer. It was a great success!

Chef Angus Birthday dinner brasserie style, 14 people
(With the aperitif: Gougères and small toasts, Lobster Cappuccino, Roast figs on country ham, Duck leg confit with tomatoes, Apple tart)
25€ per person.

Chef Angus Confirmation Luncheon, 30 people
(With the aperitif: Gougères and small toasts, Foie gras au torchon, Lobster broth with seafood, Rack of Lamb on a tartelette of confit Shoulder of Lamb; Cheese and Pièce Montée provided by the customer)
40€ per person.

Chef Angus A dinner for the presidents of the Lions Club, 18 people
(Le vrai pizza du chef - fait à l’ancien avec de l'huile de coude, Daube de boeuf en Gelée, Salade de fruits d'été au jus d'orange et zeste de citron confit)
35€ per person.

Chef Angus Christmas dinner between friends, 13 people
(Apéritif: Gougères, petits toasts, huitres, accras, foie gras; Bouillon de Langoustine aux fruits de mer; Filet de Bœuf en Croûte; Plateau de Fromages; Tarte aux amandes et aux poires avec son sorbet de poire arrosé d'eau de vie de poire)
85€ per person.

Chef Angus 18th birthday party, 45 people
(Cappuccino de Langoustine, Foie Gras en Torchon, Salade d'Asperges verte avec copeaux de Parmesan, Filet Mignon de Porc aux morilles avec pâtes fraîches, Plateau de Fromages, Dessert fournit par le client)
50€ per person.

Chef Angus 60th marriage aniversary, 14 people
(Gougères avec petits toasts, Salade de gibier aux légumes d'hiver huile de truffe, Carré d'Agneau sur sa tartelette d'épaule d'agneau confit, fromage, Gâteau au chocolat trois tiers)
50€ per person.

I am sure that together we will find the right meal at the right price for you.

Hoping to see you soon!