The Dinner Party Chef at the Chennevieres market, buying fresh fish just up from the coast
Angus learnt to cook in London. He then came to Paris where he worked in a number of Michelin starred restaurants. Life then had other adventures in store for him, and he stopped cooking professionally, though he still loved cooking for family and friends.
However now, having reached retirement age, he has returned to his initial passion, and proposes to cook your home dinner parties. Angus's cooking is based on fresh seasonal products. His ideal is to compose his menu when he goes to the market in the morning. Then in the evening he cooks the meal in your house, and serves it to you and your guests. Imagine: your guests arrive, you sit down with them and open a bottle of champagne – or, why not, an old vintage Vouvray. To accompany the champagne Angus serves some Gougères, hot out of the oven, and maybe some tiny girolles, each wrapped in puff pastry, or in summer a mini tomato tartlette with fresh garden herbs.

Then before going to table a cup of lobster consommé. For starters maybe some fish, but only the very freshest, driven up overnight from the coast to be sold in the market, where Angus spotted it and bought it for you.
In spring young garden vegetables. So tender that one could almost have eaten them raw. Lightly stewed with a little butter and cream, and fresh herbs.
In summer, a stuffed crab. In autumn a fricassée of ceps. But the ceps gathered that very morning in the forest of Marly.
In winter, for a special celebration, why not the «feuilleté de foie gras au coulis de truffes » ? The main dish, as well, will be chosen according to your personal preferences and the best that the season has to offer.

The Dinner Party Chef at the Chennevieres market, buying fresh poultry from Monsieur Juin

Whether you prefer simple family cooking (a roast, a Pot au Feu à l’ancienne, a fish cooked whole) or more sophisticated food served individually on each plate (a fillet of bass grilled with beurre blanc, and fresh seasonal vegetables, partridge with cabbage, a sirloin steak from Le Bourdonnec, one of the best butchers in Paris)

Chef Angus with one of his dishes: Feather Blade steak confit with Madiran wine, Auvergne Ceps

Angus will create for you the menu which will delight you and your guests!